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    of Curtis Michigan
    Our Curriculum
    Three Lakes Academy offers field studies to enrich our curricula with hands-on experiential learning in a variety of outdoor settings. These fun, engaging programs are designed to stimulate a student's natural curiosity and to provide real world learning in every subject. All programs are fully aligned with Michigan Benchmarks.
    We follow a common core curriculum.  Hands on learning comes from the following resources:
    Math curriculum standards with Everyday Math as our teaching materials.   
    Science curriculum standards with Battle Creek Science as our teaching materials.
    Social Studies curriculum standards with Maisa Reading/Writing Workshop & Social Studies as our teaching materials.
    Language curriculum standards with Language Arts from Heinemann as our teaching materials. 

    Partnering with:
    Seney Wildlife Refuge (Main office out of Seney)
    National Park Service
    Michigan Department of Natural Resources

    These groups are helping us bring the environmental curriculum into our school. Please visit our links area below to visit our their websites.
    StudiesOur Studies
    All studies are tied into the Common Core Benchmarks as will the environmental studies. 
    teacherTeacher Workshops
    The Three Lakes Academy provides 5 workshops for our Michigan Certified Teachers: math, reading, writing, environmental studies, and intergration of core classes with environmental studies. This extensive training will further enrich our environmental school atmosphere.


    Important Links:

    Seney National Wildlife Refuge

    National Park Service

    Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District
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