• Three Lakes Public School Academy
    Curtis School1
    of Curtis Michigan

    About Us
    We are a community based Pre-K through 7 no tuition charter school open to all children without discrimination. We opened in the fall of 2009, please check our Calendar of Events and Upcoming Events for dates and times to enroll your child.

    Inspiring a Lifelong Love for Learning


    Academy Highlights


    ·         Pre-K -7 public charter school no tuition

    ·         Community-based elementary school open to all children without discrimination

    ·         Public yet independent

    ·         Funded like all public schools in Michigan

    ·         Certified Michigan School Teachers

    ·         Focused on academic success

    ·         Emphasis on students

    ·         High regard for maintaining positive relationships with students and families

    ·         Strong sense of community pride

    ·         Nutritious, well balanced meals

    ·         After-school programs which include tutoring and clubs

    ·         Summer Camps focusing on environmental studies


    Part of our goal as a community based school is to reach out to the educational needs of all the community, whether it be the conventional education or home-school education. It is our hope to offer an open door by providing additional enrichment such as Physical Education, Music, Art, and Science.

    We have many wonderful opportunities and services to provide to the surrounding community in all of their elementary educational needs. The Three Lakes Academy, in addition will emphasize environmental studies with a real effort to connect children with the lakes, forests and natural world.

    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."—Malcolm Forbes

Last Modified on July 10, 2017