Three Lakes Academy's mission has always been to create a partnership between school and parents for the benefit of all the children at Three Lakes.   Federal regulations now require that a specific Parent Compact, approved by the Three Lakes Academy School Board, be provided to all parents. The school must maintain a parent-signed copy of that document and provide an annual notice.  Parents will be asked to sign a copy of the Compact when they enroll their child(ren) each year. The following is a copy of the Compact.

        Three Lakes Academy

                    - is a partnership endeavor that requires staff, volunteers, parents, and children to fulfill specific roles.

                    -partners must be knowledgeable of the school philosophy and committed to fulfilling their individual roles.

                    -partners believe they are one team with one purpose.

    Students as Partners

    Children are Partners at Three Lakes Academy and have specific roles to fulfill:

                    -Each child is expected to be involved in planning goals, assessing progress, and accepting responsibility for his or her progress toward the educational goals.

                    -Each child is responsible for developing the values, the enthusiasm for learning, and the skills necessary for being a self-motivated, productive citizen.

                    -Each child is to become a teacher partner to his or her fellow students.

    Parents as Partners

    Parents are expected to be Partners and to pursue their roles both to benefit the school and their own child, there are not specific requirements, but Parent Partners must recognize that the expectations for the School and their child cannot be fulfilled without their commitment to:

                    -Attend Three Lakes Academy workshops and informational programs intended to help parents understand the                                                 curriculum, instructional practices, and philosophy of the school.

                    -Attend scheduled Parent-Teacher conferences, School/Community Volunteer meetings, and school functions.

                    -Make classroom observations as necessary to be fully aware of the school's program and their child's progress.

                    -Meet with Staff Partners as necessary to monitor and support their child's progress.

                    -Maintain a study area in the home and equip and arrange it so their child's attention is concentrated on study and to establish a family quiet hour in the home to minimize disruptions to study.

                    -Provide intellectual stimulation in the home by encouraging reading, controlling television use, and participating in intellectually stimulating activities.

                    -Establish standards and responsibilities so that their child learns that he/she must complete tasks satisfactorily.

    Staff and Volunteer Adults as Partners

    Teacher is a generic term that encompasses all of the adults who may be working and volunteering at Three Lakes Academy.   Every adult is expected to be a role model for the children.  Every adult should model behavior that demonstrates and reinforces the educational goals for the students at Three Lakes Academy.  Staff and adult partners should model the etiquette used in listening and speaking skills, demonstrate responsible behavior and espouse the values that are basic to the school's mission.